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Muller Octopus 808


The Muller Octopus 808 is primarily designed for high speed applications, with a process rate of up to 120 loads per hour and a maximum ring speed of 50 rpm. With an industry standard Allen Bradley PLC controller, and a full compliment of option packages available, the 808 represents the finest Muller has to offer. As with all Octopus models, the ability to start and stop the wrap cycle anywhere on the load can result in a film cost reduction of up to 30%.


Please see this Introduction to The Muller Octopus providing a detailed discussion of the concepts, features, benefits, etc. of the Octopus.

Click here for comparison charts to help you find an Octopus model suitable to your needs and budget.

Standard Machine Specifications: click here for a PDF.

Please Note: The above list does not represent all options available for this machine. Please contact us for more information.

Muller SG3000 Film Carriage Retrofit

The SG3000 film carriage is retrofitable to all makes of pallet stretch wrappers, semi-automatic, turntable automatic, and rotary tower automatics.  The SG3000 film carriage has demonstrable superiority over older and competitor designs. The primary advantages of the design are safety, reliability, ease of film loading, long term consistency of prestretch levels, and stretchwrap film savings.

  • easier to change film
  • safer to change film
  • easily retrofittable to any previous model Muller stretch wrapper
  • maximize film economy (250% plus prestretch)
  • greater reliability
  • can be installed, on site, in about 1 day
For more information visit: http://www.genautopkg.com/SG3000page.htm

Contact Us for details.


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