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Muller Raptor 525


The Raptor 525 uses low cost 20" width film to process 25 to 35 loads per hour. A unique modular design allows greater interchangeability of elements, giving you total control in designing a wrapper to your individual specifications.

Turntable Advantages

  • The small footprint of the Raptor saves valuable floor space.
  • Being forklift portable, and using a standard 120 VAC recepticle for power, allows the machine to be readily moved to maximize the efficiency of your changing product flows.
  • The Raptor turntable stretch wrappers tend to be more cost effective semi-automatic wrapping solutions.


The Raptor 525 is the first Muller turntable semi-automatic stretch wrapper to feature a side mounted film carriage. The benefits to this design are centred around improved operator safety and ergonomics. By locating the operator away from the turntable during film loading eliminates the chance of the film loader getting pinned between the load and the film carriage should another operator be loading the turntable at the same time. Furthermore, it affords the film loader a flat floor to walk on beside the wrapper, rather than the potential trip point of the wrapper base. It also eliminates the potential for an operator to inadvertently drive the film carriage down onto his toes. Coupled with the safety features inherent in the Octo-Thread film carriage which is standard issue on this model wrapper, this makes the Raptor 525 one of the safest stretch wrappers currently available in the industry.

"Next Generation" Octo-Thread Powered Pre-Stretch 20" Film Carriage

� "OCTO-THREAD" style film threading through the pre-stretch rollers is easier and faster due to the front mounted film treading gate which allows the operator to pull film through the 20" carriage without having to thread the film manually.
� Film payout is controlled by a low maintenance fixed roller with strain gauge.

Standard Machine Specifications: click here for a PDF.

Click here for comparison charts to help you find a Semi-automatic Stretch Wrapper model to suit your needs and budget.

Previous generation turntable semi-automatic.


The Raptor 525 functionally replaces former models:
EC-800, 101, 301, 303, 2101, 2103, 3.3, LP-446, HP-446, LPVZ-446, HPVZ-446, LP-800, 501, 503, 701, 703, 2201, 2203, 4.4 and Raptor 500.
Please Note: The above specifications do not represent all options available for these machine. Please contact us for more information.

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