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Muller Octopus 202


The Octopus 202 stretch wrapping machine is primarily designed for lower speed applications, with a process rate of up to 40 loads per hour and a maximum ring speed of 16 rpm. Its main advantage is its compact design, using minimal floor space so it can fit easily into tight areas. It can mount over existing conveyor or can be equipped with its own conveyors. The low purchase price of the Octopus 202 helps to conserve capital funds while fewer moving parts help to keep maintenance costs to a minimum. As with all Octopus models, the ability to start and stop the wrap cycle anywhere on the load can result in a film cost reduction of up to 30%.


Please see this Introduction to The Muller Octopus providing a detailed discussion of the concepts, features, benefits, etc. of the Octopus.

Click here for comparison charts to help you find an Octopus model suitable to your needs and budget.

Standard Machine Specifications: click here to view a PDF.

Please Note: The above specifications do not represent all options available for this machine. Please contact us for more information.

MPEG Movie

Click to see a movie of an Octopus 202 at the Pac-Ex '99 Show. (Please Note: This file is over 1 MB in size, and depending on the speed of your connection, could take several minutes to download. For example, with a 33,600bps connection, it takes about 8 minutes.)

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