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Muller SG3000 Film Carriage

An evolutionary advancement in the state-of-the-art stretch wrapping technology, the technology long used for all Octopus stretch wrapper ST2000 Film Carriages has been ported over for use on all models and styles of stretch wrapping machines. The new SG3000 Film Carriage retains the benefit of strain gauge technology (long present in all Muller higher end semi-auto and automatic stretch wrapping systems) while adding the ease of loading and safety features previously only available on the Octopus' ST2000 Film Carriage . The SG3000 Film Carriage is also available as an easy to install retrofit to your existing equipment, there is no reason your stretch wrapping systems can't take andvantage of the best the industry has to offer!

This film carriage is now the standard on most conventional pallet stretch wrapping machines throughout the Muller line. This carriage has demonstrable superiority over older and competitor designs. The primary advantages of the design are reliability, ease of film loading, long term consistency of prestretch levels, and stretchwrap film savings.

Ease of Film Loading

Changing the film roll is easier and faster due to the front mounted film threading gate, which allows the operator to safely pull film through the 20" carriage without having to thread the film manually. Film threading through the prestretch rollers is easier and faster due to the plexiglass gate with safety switch which allows the operator to pull film through and close the gate for automatic threading. This is a vast improvement over previous designs which required the operators to thread the film through the actual prestretch rollers while manually rotating the rollers by hand.

Reliability of Operation

The patented Strain Gauge Film Force control with analog feedback is an electronic film feed tension-sensing system designed to greatly optimize film tension, thus reducing the chance of broken film. Reliability is further enhanced through the tried and true engineering principle of eliminating moving parts. Older and competitor designs use a spring-mounted pivoting dancer roller arm (often called a 'dancer bar') to sense and accommodate the variable film feed rates required by irregularly shaped loads. The SG3000's patented electronic film feed tension sensing system eliminates the need for a moving dancer bar assembly. This design has proven itself to very reliable, reducing maintenance costs, and valuable downtime. At the same time, this zero inertia fixed-mount roller provides a faster response to load irregularities, automatically adjusting the film delivery speed to keep a constant film force-to-load regardless of load position, size, or shape.

Stretchwrap Film Savings

With the analog feedback greatly optimizing film tension, it is possible for you to either increase the prestretch level, or convert to a lower gauge film. In many instances, customers have had no problem accomplishing both! So with a higher prestretch and/or a lower gauge film, and increased reliability reducing unwanted downtime and maintenance costs, you can wrap more loads, with a more consistent film tension, all while using less film. It's money in the bank!

Long Term Consistency of Prestretch Levels

The primary problem with any prestretch carriage is that as the springs in the tension rollers grow weak and the pre-stretch rollers wear down with long term use, the film will have a tendency to pull through the prestretch carriage without stretching the film. It will simply slip through. To combat this, the Muller SG3000 has the film path arranged in such a way that the film wraps around the circumference of the prestretch rollers to the maximum extent possible. The end result is a consistently higher prestretch level over the long term.


The totally enclosed pre-stretching mechanism can only be accessed (for changing of the film or maintenance) through an electrically interlocked door. There is no way for operators or maintenance personnel to access the rollers without the power to this device being disabled, even if they forgot to de-energize the machine as per standard operating procedures and posted notices. This design commonly satisfies all Pre-Start Safety Review (PSR) concerns.


Standard Specifications

  • 1/2 HP 90V DC Variable Speed motor/reducer, high quality Dart DC/SCR controller.
  • Electronic strain gauge tension roller replaces the spring-mounted pivoting dancer roller arm.
  • Zero inertia fixed-mount roller reduces maintenance while the faster response design adjusts the film delivery speed to keep a constant film force-to-load regardless of load position, size or shape.
  • Spring-loaded pressure roller offers a maintenance-free, continuously self-adjusting design to prevent film slippage, inconsistent stretch levels, and excessive film wrapping costs.
  • Lubrication-free direct gearing prestretch ratio control eliminates conventional chains, sprockets and take-up idlers for virtually maintenance-free operation.
  • The lowest film web neckdown of any powered film prestretch carriage in the industry.
  • The SG3000-20" will handle films from 0.4 mil to 1.35 mil and prestretch ratios up to 400%.

SG3000 Film Carriage Retrofit

Specifically designed to easily retrofit onto any conventional stretch wrapper design, semi-auto or automatic, turntable or rotary arm style machine, the advantages of the SG3000 can be realized in your application. GAP skilled and knowledgable Installation Technicians can retrofit this product onto your equipment.

The scope of work required to accomplish the installation of the SG3000 retrofit requires (but is not limited to) the following:

  • Mechanically, and electrically remove the existing Film Carriage, replacing it with the quoted model SG3000
  • Includes necessary engineering and production of a customized Retrofit Technical Manual.
  • Includes necessary PLC program changes and optimizations to the wrap cycle.
  • Includes system power up check; run and production testing.
  • Also included is the time for one GAP technician to be present for the production startup, to address any issues that may arise when running actual product, and to provide training to your operators and maintenance staff.
  • INSTALLATION NOTE: - This project is likely to require some cutting, welding, grinding, etc. Use of your fabrication facilities and/or the assistance of your plant personnel should be expected.

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